The Phillips Family and Starpoint have established "The Ernesto Phillips Scholarship for Talented Youth" . This Foundation was created in order to continue Ernesto's legacy of "lifting up" aspiring youth and helping them pursue their dreams in music and fields of interest.  It is offered to qualified senior's at all Howard County High Schools and at Ernesto's alma mater, "Arundel High School" , each year.  

There will be a fund-raiser each July for the scholarship,(the month of Ernesto's birth). Please, check with the Upcoming Events page for info on fund-raising events. We appreciate any support and donations for this foundation.

Please, make checks payable to:The Ernesto Phillips Scholarship for Talented Youth

Donations should be mailed to:

Columbia Foundation
Wincopin Circle, Suite G15
Columbia, Maryland 21044


Renee Diggs Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis

Information Coming Soon! Please keep checking!


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