George Phillips Jr.

George , Dr. and Mrs. Phillips' first son, was the band leader in the early days of the Phillips brothers. The first official band was called "J.R. and the Royals". This group played songs by bands like "Kool and the Gang","Mandrill" and the "Ohio Players". George Jr. was the lead singer, and played keyboards, Ernesto Phillips was on trumpet, Lloyd Phillips on tenor sax, Orlando Phillips on alto sax, first cousin Gaylord Phillips on the trombone, Ky Adeyemo/ Terry Holland on bass guitar, and Greg Phillips on the drums.

Then came "Licyndiana" !

George left to persue his college career to study law and returned later to help form Starpoint! His singing brought something special to the group. The ballad's are strong with his voice, solo as well as the duet's  with Renee Diggs. He has that crystal clear voice that cannot be mistaken with anyone else.

George began taking charge of the promotional aspects of the band, and used his knowledge in law to help in Starpoints' business affairs.

George also was involved in producing and writing! He produced and wrote the song "Say You Will" and co-produced all parts of the "Say You Will" video!  The video was done in our home town, Annapolis,Md.

George has gone on to produce some major artist in the music industry ! He is a force to be reckoned with!

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