Kayode Adeyemo


Kayode Adeyemo is a U.S. citizen but, his parents are from Nigeria and Barbados. His father studied medicine and became a doctor soon after. Kayode's father came to Crownsville State Hospital near Annapolis,Maryland to work, where he met Dr. Phillips and the Phillips family.  Kayode was introduced to the Phillips brothers at the age of 14. They began playing music together and formed a band called, Licyndiana.  Kayode played bass guitar in that band. He and the Phillips brothers became close personally and musically and started to write songs together. Some of these songs later were published on the first album. The band had changed it's name from Licyndiana to Starpoint! He continued to co-write with Ernesto Phillips and Starpoint. You will see that Ky and Ernesto wrote many of the songs on Starpoint's albums. Ernesto and Kayode co-wrote Starpoint's hit single,"Object Of My Desire" on the "Restless" album. The "Restless" album sold over 600,000 copies and went Gold.

Kayode was noted for his live performances with Starpoint. He had great choreography and dancing skills, while playing bass or keyboards on stage!

Kayode also did some projects outside of Starpoint. He wrote for other major recording artist like Milli Vanilli, co-writing the hit single, "Girl You Know It's True" The album was a multi-platinum sensation.

Kayode has continued on with his writing, making him a large part of the music industry today!



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