Renee Diggs


Renee met the Phillips brothers in the early stages of their musical caree rs. Their music took a turn for the better when she joined the Phillips' band, Licyndiana. Her voice cuts through the air with a magical tone. Her high notes soar through the sky with a chilling presence and clarity. The band knew that she had something great to offer!

After many rehearsals, writing sessions and performances, Licyndiana changed it's name to Starpoint to persue a recording contract and career.  Having Renee in the band made the package complete. Starpoint was signed to a Polygram label, Casablanca/Chocolate City Records in 1980. They Recorded four albums with that label.

In 1985 Starpoint recorded their seventh Album "Restless" with Elektra/Asylum, a Warner Brothers label.   Starpoint toured extensively that year. The album sold over 600,000 records and went "Gold" with Renee singing the hit single,"Object Of My Desire".

In the middle of the "Restless" tour, Renée was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It made it hard for Starpoint to continue touring.

What is most encouraging about Renee is that she deals with this disease and all of the physical/mental problems it causes, with strength and grace. She handled herself the same way when she electrified audiences with her onstage performance's. Even though Renee became increasingly ill with MS, she continued to tour and record three more albums with Starpoint. She was seasoned, as a vocalist/song writer . . . a true artist!

Renee decided to do a project on her own in 1990. She recorded a solo album called "Oasis" for Capitol Records.  "Oasis wasn't released by Capital, but it was picked up by Expansion Records and released in Europe!  Renée co-wrote four of the albums twelve songs with Ernesto Phillips, who did the majority of the writing for Starpoint. Clearly the topic of love was a prime subject for them. Renee and Ernesto had been long time companions!

Renee did other musical projects with Michael Franks, Cliff Dawson, and other recording artist during the Starpoint years. She has the ability to shape and mold her voice to fit any situation! 

Renee continued to coach and inspire many in the music industry and created the Renee Diggs Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis.

Renee played a large part of the success that Starpoint reached with  her charm, beauty and fantastic vocal ability. Renee Diggs with her joyous personality and wonderful voice have always been and will always be a strong force in our lives! Her life has been a great contribution to all people and music in the world!

Renee Diggs passed away March 18,2005 due to complications with an underlining heart condition. Renee will be missed greatly by the Diggs Family, the Phillips Family, Starpoint and Renee's Fans, and Friends.

The Renee Diggs Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis will be posted soon! Please keep checking with Starpoint for more information.