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Mail Order's Only

Make Check or Money Orders payable to: Greg Phillips

Send payments along with your mailing address to:

Starpoint Music.com
c/o Greg Phillips Productions
P.O. Box 1484
Annapolis, MD 21404

or call: 410.267.7257

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                       TRACK LIST

             1.Restless (3:48)
2.It's All Your's (5:34)

             3.Gonna Lift You Up/ Keep On It (6:20)

             4.I Just Wanna Dance With You (6:56)

             5.Never Say I Do (7:50)

             6.Sensational (2:44)

             7.Till The End Of Time (5:53)

             8.What You Been Missin' (6:54)

             9.Greg Phillips Drum Solo (4:40)

            10.Object Of My Desire(10:00                       


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